Visualize This…

  • Digging deep and learning more about who you are and how you see the world.
  • Feeling safe to share what’s hiding in the shadow of your soul.
  • Letting go of the old stories and patterns that have kept you stuck all of these years.
  • Clearly seeing the blocks that are holding you back from living your truth.
  • Having the tools to liberate yourself from emotional suppression.
  • Having the accountability and support you need to make the changes you truly want to make in your life.

Meet Your Coach: Alexandra Leone

Welcome! I’m Aly – coach, artist, writer, and overall instigator of transformation! I specialize in shadow work, emotional learning, heart healing, and purpose living. I help visionary womxn reconstruct their worldview, access new meaning, possibilities, and passions, activate their purpose and truth, and live more fulfilling lives. This site is designed to be a place where you can find holistic support through free educational resources and 1:1 transformational coaching.


What Clients Say

“Aly led me through deep feelings and stories I had been holding onto, and helped me to navigate ancestral trauma I wasn’t even aware I was hoarding inside of my body. We incorporated movement and authentic body expression to release those old patterns and established small action steps going forward. I felt so held and supported by her essence and wisdom, and I can honestly say I haven’t been the same person since. Her work is amazing. If you want to dig deep, face your shadow, and release – I suggest working with Aly.”

Angelina C.

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A bit more about me…

I believe in living a raw, messy, cosmic, nurturing, fierce, phenomenal, unleashed, vibrant, abundant, tender, aligned, reverent, and soulful life.

I believe in womxn supporting womxn.

I believe that we’re already whole and complete – and that it’s up to each one of us to do the work of going deep within to remember and reveal our personal magic.

Here’s what gives me purpose: helping you dive head first into knowing your worth, seeing your beauty, and creating your dreams.

I’m an advocate for self-awareness and personal empowerment. I stand for living life with fulfillment and purpose.

I coach visionary womxn who are ready to let go of the fear and self-doubt that keeps them stuck, so that they can start living a life that’s rooted in their deepest truths.

If you are finally ready to create your most important visions, live your purpose, and make a meaningful difference in the world, you’re in the right place!

I hold space for you to listen to your intuition, honor your emotions, confront and integrate your shadow, unleash your inner purpose and truth, tune in to the wisdom of your body, and become the driver of your own life.

I do this work because I spent 10+ years of my life in depression, anxiety, and perpetual burnout. It wasn’t until I made the choice to unlearn harmful patterns, open my heart, get unleashed, see my worth, and follow my own fulfillment, that I was able to start truly living.

This work is rooted in: emotional learning, shadow work, healing the heart, and living a life of meaning and purpose.

Doing this work saved my life.

And I continue to do this work today. This is personal for me; I am deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth.

My intention in this life is to make a contribution to the advancement of emotional learning. My vision is living in a culture where emotional wellness is one of our primary values. ⁠

Listen, there are global systems and structures in place to make us forget who we are. The truth is: Your power is an eternal flame within you that can never be extinguished.

My job is to help you awaken the parts that’ve been forgotten within. ♥

Want to Work 1:1?

Through intensive coaching, somatic movement and guided meditation, we dive into new territories of learning and transformation. I’m here to help you become the driver of your own life, confront your blocks and fears, make intentional choices rooted in what your heart desires, and get on the path to living with fulfillment, purpose, and deep connection.


Can You Relate?

  • You’re constantly wondering if this is the best use of your life.
  • You don’t know if it’s ok to be who you want to become.
  • Life feels shallow, you don’t know why you do what you do anymore, and you’re like, “Is this all there is?
  • You know you’re capable of more and want to fulfill that potential.
  • You did everything society told you to do in order to be “happy”, but you’re still unhappy, and feel lied to.
  • You want to make a meaningful difference in the world and don’t know where to start.
  • You’re ready to see and feel your emotions in an entirely new way.
  • You care about investing in your well-being and empowering yourself.
  • You want to learn how to cultivate more meaningful relationships.
  • You want to know what you value most and how to align your life with those things.
  • You’re looking for nourishing accountability and support.

Start Living Your Truth & Creating Your Visions

Let’s chat so I can learn more about you and how I can best support you.

As a coach, I help you:

  • Reconstruct and shift your worldview
  • Make the changes you truly want to make
  • Dig deep and let go of the pain and baggage that’s been holding you back from truly living
  • Expand the way you see things so that you can develop increased self-awareness
  • Access new meaning, possibilities, and passions in your life

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