Hey! I’m Alexandra.

I believe in living a raw, messy, cosmic, nurturing, fierce, phenomenal, unleashed, vibrant, abundant, tender, aligned, reverent, and soulful life.

I believe in womxn supporting womxn.

I believe that no one is broken. No one needs to be fixed. We’re already whole and complete. It’s up to each one of us to do the work of going deep within to remember and reveal our personal magic.

Here’s what gives me purpose: helping you dive head first into knowing your worth, seeing your beauty, and creating your dreams.

I’m an advocate for self-awareness and personal empowerment. I stand for living life with fulfillment and purpose.

I coach visionary womxn who are ready to let go of the fear and self-doubt that keeps them stuck, so that they can start living a life that’s rooted in their deepest truths.

If you are finally ready to create your most important visions, live your purpose, and make a meaningful difference in the world, you’re in the right place!

I hold space for you to listen to your intuition, honor your emotions, confront and integrate your shadow, unleash your inner purpose and truth, tune in to the wisdom of your body, and become the driver of your own life.

I do this work because I spent 10+ years of my life in depression, anxiety, and perpetual burnout. It wasn’t until I made the choice to unlearn harmful patterns, open my heart, get unleashed, see my worth, and follow my own fulfillment, that I was able to start truly living.

This work is rooted in: emotional learning, shadow work, healing the heart, and living a life of meaning and purpose.

Doing this work saved my life.

And I continue to do this work today. This is personal for me; I am deeply committed to personal and spiritual growth.

My intention in this life is to make a contribution to the advancement of emotional learning. My vision is living in a culture where emotional wellness is one of our primary values. ⁠

Listen, there are global systems and structures in place to make us forget who we are. The truth is: Your power is an eternal flame within you that can never be extinguished.

My job is to help you awaken the parts that’ve been forgotten within. ♥

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