Hey! I’m Alexandra.

I believe in living a raw, messy, soulful, cosmic, nurturing, sacred, fierce, phenomenal, unleashed, vibrant, abundant, tender, aligned, infinite, reverent, and divine life.

I believe in women supporting women.

I believe that we’re already whole and complete – and that it’s up to each one of us to do the dirty work of going deep within to remember and reveal our personal magic.

Here’s what gives me purpose: helping women dive head first into knowing their worth, seeing their beauty, and creating their dreams.

I’m an advocate for the empowerment of women and I stand for living life with fulfillment and purpose. I coach visionary women who are ready to let go of the fear and self-doubt that keeps them stuck, so that they can start living a life that’s rooted in their deepest truths.

I coach women who are finally ready to create their most important visions, live their purpose, and make a meaningful difference in the world.

I spent 10+ years of my life in depression, anxiety, and perpetual burnout. It wasn’t until I made the choice to heal my heart, see my worth, and follow my own fulfillment, that I was able to start truly living. 

Listen, there are global systems and structures in place to make us forget who we are. The truth is: Your power is an eternal flame within you that can never be extinguished.

My job is to help you awaken the parts that’ve been forgotten within. ♥

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