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“major shifts were made”

“To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. To put it simply, Aly is a verbal ninja! Major shifts were made; a lot was accomplished. Aly is an extremely gifted coach with a unique and effective approach and I highly recommend her.”

Heather H.

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My Coaching Approach

When we work together I invite you to explore an ontological perspective.

Ontology is the philosophical study of being and becoming – the study of what is real.

The work we do together is rooted in the exploration of who you are as an OBSERVER.

How you observe can be broken down into 3 different and overlapping parts: Language, Body and Emotion. Each one of these territories impact and influence the other two. Real transformation occurs when there is a shift in all three.

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FREE 30-minute Chemistry Call

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As a coach, I help you:

  • Reconstruct and shift your worldview
  • Make the changes you truly want to make
  • Dig deep and let go of the pain and baggage that’s been holding you back from truly living
  • Expand the way you see things so that you can develop increased self-awareness
  • Access new meaning, possibilities, and passions in your life

During this call we’ll talk about YOU and what you’re struggling with, and then I’ll help you figure out your next steps!

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