Poem: “Talks With The Universe & Ladybug Visions”

Image: Artwork by Hans Sieverding

Talks With The Universe & Ladybug Visions

I always have a million questions.

And none of them can be googled.

So I ask the universe.

I ask for the fog to be wiped from my eyes, 

so that I can see what I am unable to see.

I ask for guidance.

Honestly. I just ask.

“Oh Universe, what’s the next step?”

“What am I missing here? I don’t understand.”

“How do I deal with this?”

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

I close my eyes.

I listen.

And in that moment something usually happens.

Sometimes images start to appear in my mind and a story unfolds.

Or a song starts playing that moves me.

Or someone I haven’t spoken to in months sends me a text.

Or I look out the window at the exact moment that a pileated woodpecker lands and I get to see that ruby red crown.

Or I choose a book from my bookshelf and open to a random page with just the right words.

To me, this is what magic feels like.





This is what it feels like to be aware of all pathways converging into a single moment.

These are my conversations with the universe.

They happen in the most delicate moments of listening.

Just the other day she was speaking to me in lady bugs.

Other days she speaks in sea shells or strawberries.

Everything becomes a vessel.

To learn the language of the universe and receive her messages,

is to open yourself up to the sacred mundane.

To see profundity in the smallest moments.

To surrender to waves of stillness and nothingness, 

so that hidden secrets can be revealed.

When there is nowhere to go,

and nothing to do,

magic stirs,

and life becomes a meditation.